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Wickham GP2000

Wickham GP2000 Passenger/Goods Hoist The WICKHAM GP2000 is the ideal hoist for transporting personnel and heavy goods on construction sites. With a cage size of 3.00 x 1.50m, fitted with vertical rising interlocked gates, it can carry 2000kg/25 people at a speed of 28m a minute! The [...]

Wickham GP1200

Wickham GP1200 Passenger/Goods Hoist The WICKHAM GP1200 is the ideal hoist for transporting persons and materials due to it’s simple control panel. The cage is fitted with vertical rising interlocked gates. The roof is fitted with a large trapdoor for emergency and erection purposes and [...]

Wickham GP1000

Wickham GP 1000 Passenger/Goods Hoist The WICKHAM GP1000 is the ideal hoist for transporting personnel and large materials on site. For increased usage this hoist is supplied with a 3.00 x 1.50m cage, enabling [...]

Steinweg PM-LIFT

Steinweg PM-Lift Passenger/Goods Hoist The STEINWEG PM-LIFT is a powerful rack and pinion hoist designed for the transport of passengers and materials on site. The cage has the capacity to take a wheelbarrow or [...]


More Wickham hoists: We have recently increased our fleet of Wickham hoists, including twin cages and hi-speed versions, please contact Southampton for further… read more »


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