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Geda 1200ZZP
Rack&Pinion transport platform

A versatile single mast rack and pinion transport platform, with 3 platform configurations available.

The hoist can either be used as materials only at 24m/min, or with the addition of a roof piece, it can be used to transport personnel at a speed of 12m/min.

An added bonus is the low pull value of the tie, which allows the unit to be tied to scaffold.

Each unit is equipped with an overload sensor and side protection rails on the unloading ramp for safety.

Each platform has the ability of three way entry, and is best suited to sites where access is limited for loading.

A simple solution to the modern problem of carrying heavy goods within a minimum space

The 1200ZZP is available in three different platform configurations.

Technical Specifications (A/B/C)

Max carrying capacity
1500kg/1200kg/1000kg. 7 person
Average lifting speed
24m/min materials
12m/min passengers
Power requirement
3 phase and neutral 415 volt 32 amp (pp)
Max working height
Platform dimensions
2.0/2.9/3.1 × 1.4m
Weight of base unit
Weight of mast section


Shown above in goods only mode



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