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Equipment for hire / Passenger / Wickham GP1000

Wickham GP 1000
Passenger/Goods Hoist

The WICKHAM GP1000 is the ideal hoist for transporting personnel and large materials on site.

For increased usage this hoist is supplied with a 3.00 x 1.50m cage, enabling sheet materials and tubes to be carried.

The cage is fitted with vertical rising interlocked gates. The roof is fitted with a large trapdoor for emergency and erection purposes and is provided with handrails all round for safety.

It is a practical and robust arrangement in hoist design, and with the simple control panel, is user-friendly.

Technical Specifications

Max carrying capacity
1000kg. 12 persons
Average lifting speed
Power requirement
3 phase and neutral 415 volt 63 amp
Max working height
Platform dimensions
3.0 × 1.5m × 2.3m
Weight of base unit
Weight of mast section


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